we have three RC trucks using our track so far:

Traxxas Rustler VXL
The Rustler VXL is a brushless motor powered 2wd stadium truck made by Traxxas. It is very durable and has great aftermarket part support. Speeds can reach 35-45 MPH with a NIMH battery (not included unless otherwise stated on the box). Add a 3s LiPo pack, you can hit speeds of 65-70 MPH on street! Realistically geared with a 2s or 3s pack off-road or aggressive onroad, our top possible speeds were 40-50 MPH. This, though, takes lots of space. The slower XL-5 version is slower, but comes at a lower price.

Buying: the Rustler VXL should be available at a local hobby store. If you don't have a local hobby store (LHS) or your your LHS does not sell it at a reasonable price, it can be purchased at Tower Hobbies (Link - this includes basic battery and charger)

Traxxas Slash (brushless) 
     The Traxxas Slash does not come with a brushless (or VXL version), so we had to upgrade it using the Castle Creations Sidewinder ESC and the Traxxas Velinion motor, which is the same motor in the Traxxas Rustler VXL. The slash tends to handle very well on tracks, but often moves a tad slower due to more weight. The slash is available at most hobby shops. (tower hobbies link)

Team Associated RC18T

(stock photo)
The Team associated RC18T is 1:18 scale, compared to the rustler and slash 1:10 scale. Although smaller and brushed, it is a blast to drive, and great for beginners. Can be upgraded to brushless and LiPo for less money, and is available at an LHS in kit (build yourself, has upgrades but no electronics) or RTR (ready-to-run) (link). RTR includes basic battery and charger.

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