Track Tips and help

Before making a track, you need to make sure you have the essentials. There are three main things needed.

1.) A broom. preferably a wide one. Brooms are needed to sweep the dirt or clay and keep jumps clean and smooth. You don't need this for grass tracks. Keep you track well-maintained:

2.) A shovel. there will be times when you want to move fairly large amounts of dirt, and a shovel will make it a whole lot easier. You won't need this for grass or paved tracks.

3.)A water source/hose. Not needed if you are doing a road track, but dirt is good when a little bit moist. Grass tracks need watering, just like a lawn would.

4.) Be creative with your design. Add, remove, or change your track constantly until you find a setup that works for you

 Drawing out paths or writing it on paper is sometimes helpful in organizing the layout. Our track is fairly free, no set rules on where you need to go or while paths you have to do.
Off-road radio control: make sure grass is cut, dirt is swept neatly, the track is overall weed-free and any ramps out of the way when not in use.
On-road radio control: make sure the track is dirt and debris free, and any ramps away when not in use.

Need help with your track? Leave a question: